DRMR has developed five varieties including one hybrid

NRCDR-02 : High yielding Indian Mustard variety developed by DRMR  suitable for  Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan
NRCHB-506 : The first Indian Mustard Hybrid with high yield quality suitable for UP and Rajasthan
NRCHB-101 : Indian Mustard variety suitable for late sown irrigated conditions in UP, MP and parts of Rajasthan
NRCDR-601 : Indian Mustard variety suitable for timely sown irrigated conditions in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan
NRCDRIJ 31 : Bold seeded Indian Mustard variety suitable for timely sown in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan
NRCYS-05-02 : Yellow sarson variety suitable to all Yellow sarson growing regions of the country
  • The first CMS based hybrid (NRCHB 506) and 04 varieties (NRCDR 02, NRCHB 101, NRCDR 601, and DRMRIJ 31) of Indian mustard and one variety of yellow sarson (NRCYS 05-02) were developed at DRMR.
  • Interspecific hybrid derived from cross NRCYS5-02 (B. rapa ssp. yellow sarson ) x B. frticulosa ( wild species ) and Brassica tournefortii x B. rapa var. yellow sarson (NRCYS-05-02), through sexual hybridization was confirmed using morphological, cytological and STMS markers.
  • Genotypes Bio-YSR, EC-399296, EC 399299, NPJ-127, NRCDR-515, JM-1, EC-399313, JMY-11 were found resistant to white rust.
  • New fungal pathogen Nigrospora oryzae was reported to cause stem blight disease in Indian mustard
  • Adoption of reduce tillage practices (3-4 plough/harrow) improves soil health without any loss in mustard seed yield in comparison to conventional tillage (6-10 plough/harrow).
  • Furrow irrigated raised bed (FIRB) system improve the mustard seed yield by 10% and saves 33% water over conventional practices.
  • Molecular finger printing of 14 isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by RAPD molecular marker using 15 primers indicated wide molecular variability among the test isolates.
  • Calibrations of FT-NIR for non destructive estimation of quality parameters of seed, seed oil and seed meal of rapeseed mustard in small quantity samples developed.