Programme / Project at DRMR

S.No. Programme/ Project code Name of  Programme / Project Programme Leader/PI 
A Programme: 1 Genetic enhancement for stress tolerance in Indian mustard
  DRMR CI-10 Population improvement for higher productivity and oil content in Indian mustard under normal and water stress conditions. Dr. V. V. Singh
  DRMR CI-12 Widening of gene pool in Brassicas through Interspecific and Intergeneric hybridization Dr. Arun Kumar
  DRMR CI-14 Breeding for earliness and high temperature tolerance in Indian mustard Dr. BhgirathRam
  DRMR CI-15 Resynthesis of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern. & Coss.) through Interspecific hybridization Dr. H. S. Meena
B Programme: 2 Designer Brassica for oil quality
  DRMR CI-13 Breeding for quality traits in Indian mustard Ms. Priyamedha
  DRMR B-7 Proteomic studies in oilseed Brassica Dr. Ibandalin Mawlong
  DRMR B-8 Screening of oilseed Brassica germplasm for value addition Mr. M S Sujith Kumar
C Programme: 3 Breeding for yield and quality enhancement in rapeseed-mustard
  DRMR CI-5 Development of hybrids in Indian mustard Dr. K. H. Singh
  DRMR CI-6 Augmentation, Characterization, Evaluation , Rejuvenation and Maintenance of Rapeseed- Mustard Germplasm Dr. J. Nanjundan
D Programme: 4 Biotechnological interventions to improve rapeseed-mustard productivity
  DRMR BT-1 In vitro plant regeneration and genetic transformation of  Brassica juncea L. Czern. & Coss. with an antifungal defensin gene Dr. A. K. Thakur
  DRMR BT-3 Genetic analysis of white rust resistance loci of Indian Mustard and their marker assisted introgression to some of the popular Indian cultivars Dr. Binay Kumar
  DRMR BT 5: Bio technological interventions for development of Orobanche tolerance in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Reema Rani
  DRMR BT 6: Development of Nested association mapping population and maping traits of economic importance in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) Prasant Yadav
E Programme: 5 Enhancing resource use efficiency and abiotic stress management for resilient rapeseed-mustard production system

Use of organics in Rapeseed-mustard production

Dr. O. P. Premi
F Programme: 6 Management of biotic stresses in Indian mustard
  DRMR PP-1 Management of Sclerotinia rot in Rapeseed-Mustard Dr. Pankaj Sharma
  DRMR-PP 3 Management of Alternaria Blight in Rapeseed-Mustard Dr. P. D. Meena
  DRMR PP-5 Epidemiology and management of white rust Dr. P. K. Rai
G Programme: 7 Technology assessment and dissemination
  DRMR ECT-3 Participatory extension for dissemination of rapeseed-mustard technology Dr. A. K. Sharma
  DRMR CA-1 Development of application software for rapeseed-mustard information management Dr. Vinod Kumar
Externally Funded Projects
1. DRMR EA- 2 Characterization of rapeseed-mustard varieties for distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS) testing Dr. K. H. Singh
2. DRMR EA- 4 ICAR seed project on seed production in agricultural crops Dr. V. V. Singh
3. DRMR EA- 7 Intellectual property management and transfer/ commercialization of agricultural technology scheme Dr. Vinod Kumar
4. DRMR EA -8 Integrated agro-met advisory services Dr. O.P. Premi
5. DRMR EA- 9 Induced mutagenesis for isolation of Alternaria blight resistant mutant in Brassica juncea Dr. P. D. Meena
6. DRMR EA- 10 Study on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum with emphasis on management of Sclerotinia rot in Brassica Dr. Pankaj Sharma
7 DRMR NMOOP-1 Frontline demonstrations and other related activities of  Oilseeds Dr. A. K. Sharma
8 SB/YS/LS-86/2014 Development of a core set of SSR markers for characterization of Brassica juncea varieties and germplasm Dr. A. K. Thakur
9. DRMR EA- 11 CRP-Hybrid Technology: Indian mustard Dr. K. H. Singh
10. DRMR EA- 12 Pre-breeding for Genetic Enhancement of Indian (Brassica juncea Czern & Coss) and Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A Braun) Gene Pool Dr. K. H. Singh
11. DRMR EA- 13 XII Plan Scheme “ National Agriculture Innovation Fund” Dr. K. H. Singh
12. DRMR EA- 14 Incentivizing Research in Agriculture (Molecular Genetics) Dr. V.V. Singh
13. DRMR EA- 15 CRP-Molecular Breeeding for improvement of tolerance to biotic stresses and quality traits in crops Dr. V.V. Singh
14. DRMR EA- 16 Development of white rust resistant mustard with oil quality Dr. V.V. Singh
Contractual Research
1.   Efficacy of liquid fertilizers on mustard productivity Dr. O.P. Premi