Voice Based e-Learning Extension Module

DRMR has designed and developed a “Voice Based e-Learning Extension Module for mustard cultivation” under the name of “Sune Sunyen: Peet Kranti Layein” (E-Sarson Shiksha Programme) through which farmers can listen to the advice from scientists about crop production and management at their will. The entire process of development of this e-learning extension module for rapeseed-mustard was done in a participatory mode with active involvement of rapeseed-mustard farmers. The module contains 10 lessons covering the entire package of practices on rapeseed-mustard cultivation. The audio recording and storage was done using non-proprietary technologies and designed for use in most of the commonly found mobile phones in the market requiring 20 MB capacity and can be easily installed, copied and transferred from one mobile phone to another. It is expected that this mobile uploaded voice based e-learning can bring positive changes in mustard cultivation by enhancing rate of adoption of technology. The CD-ROM of this “Voice Based e-Learning Extension Module for mustard cultivation” was released by Dr. Y. V. Singh, Zonal Project Director, Zone-VI, Jodhpur on the occasion of DRMR-KVKs Interface on June 6, 2013 at DRMR, Bharatpur. Dr. Y. V. Singh hoped that this innovative and imaginative use of ICT of DRMR will go a long way in furthering the cause of rapeseed-mustard growers.

Director, DRMR said that the new extension methodology and the resultant product is yet another example for the Directorate’s unwavering commitment to the upliftment of rapeseed-mustard farmers in the country.

This module has been developed by Scientists Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma and Dr. Vinod Kumar under the guidance of Diirector, DRMR, Bharatpur.

This “Voice Based e-Learning Extension Module” is available to all interested stakeholders and they are encouraged to obtain licence from the DRMR for its wider use.